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Who We Are

We are a online shopping mall for homemaker.We aim to provide some of the best item ranging from huge furniture to a tiny little tea spoon. 

Yes, all items sold here are hand pick by our team to ensure items are practically useable and safe. We are also committed to look out for new innovation that would make our work or living much more practical and easy. So that we could share it with you in the shortest time!

Hence, we wish you a enjoyable shopping experience here and do feedback to us using our "Contact Us" page as we would like to hear from you, your precious view!



A Few Words About

Our History

In the beginning, we are just like you and we do a  lot of online shopping for our home. Of course, sometime we got good and astonishing item that had surprised us but sometime we do receive items that only looks good on our screen.... Hence, what we are going to do is to filter off those items that only looks good on screen and sell it to you, but of course at a very competitive price!

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